Directory Concept

Indigenous Lift Collective

Collaboration with Jamie Foster, Nate Osbourne and Sophia Yoon

An opportunity to work with the Indigenous LIFT Collective operating out of Richmond, British Columbia. The goal of this project was to create a public digital directory for the Indigenous LIFT Collective, allowing them to share their database of female-owned Indigenous business across Canada. Our concept was built with both consumer and business owner in mind, while maintaining LIFT Collective’s brand and message. Our research and prototyping helped guide our concept using community support and empowerment for the businesses in need.

Acting as an add-on to their existing website, the directory carries it’s own launch page, as well as pages supporting the businesses who are either currently with LIFT Collective or those who are interested in joining. On top of the site concept, social media was kept in mind being a powerful tool to connect with the community and help push LIFT Collective’s message across the country. Tools such as Instagram are a great platform to further discover new Indigenous-owned businesses and an excellent starting point for consumers.