LIFT Collective Directory

Ideation and Prototyping


This project tasked our group with ideating and prototyping a directory for LIFT Collective, providing them possible solutions in presenting available content to users.


The Indigenous LIFT Collective is a not-for-profit group looking to amplify and celebrate Indigenous-owned businesses and communities.



We created a storyboard of a potential scenario, to help us better understand the general flow of the directory. By putting the potential product in context, helped us further ideate what could be available to users as they access the directory for the first time. 

Given the problem space by the client, we looked to ideate around realistic situations provided to us as well as basing ideas around example shops that the LIFT Collective would be presenting on the directory.


In our first stage of wireframing, we approached the project following a simple flow developed from our storyboards. The focus was a homepage, search functions and individual business pages that users would be able to access. 

We took various approaches towards the business pages, mixing and matching different ideas. A variety of features were explored such as filters, cart systems and the ability to have a profile.


We received feedback on our low fidelity wireframes and were given an approximate amount of how many businesses may be included in this directory. This helped guide our next step, which was high fidelity wireframes and prototyping. 

We opted for features that allowed for new additions such as an expansive search function, and the ability to allow users to bookmark their favourite shops. Also, a newer feature in our process was including a form allowing businesses to sign up for the directory, providing information that will help them be found.

The overall design follows a brand guideline provided to us by LIFT Collective, so we made sure to stick to the brand as much as possible moving forward from this stage.


Rounding out our work, we implemented a few more solutions to tie in with what we have designed for the directory. This includes social media mockup examples and re-tooling the LIFT Collective website to include a section that leads users to the directory. Bringing in social media presence focusing on the directory would help it’s impact, while including a section on the website is key for users to gain access. The link was proposed to be placed in the existing website’s navigation, in the top right hand corner.




This experience was a fantastic opportunity to work collaboratively for a real client. As a group of students, we all came from different backgrounds and worked together using our differing skillsets to provide potential solutions to the client. I learned a lot about gaining relevant insight and how to tackle these issues in all stages of the design process, and this is something I feel I have built upon greatly after gaining more experience in user research. I went into this project with a graphic design background, and wrapped it up with a completely different mindset on building digital spaces for a userbase. I am grateful for this journey as it shaped any projects that followed with a more user-centered approach.